Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Reveal Day

My Wednesday group had our reveal for our UFO challenge last week. A few months ago we each brought in several UFOs and the group chose which would be finished during the challenge. Sadly but not unexpected, I failed to complete my challenge but there were plenty of others who did and their projects were great.

Here is Fran's pretty quilt. She hand appliqued each 2" square, mostly floral prints, to muslin. The flowers are beaded. The week before the reveal this quilt was only two thirds finished so she was a quilting machine the last week.

Here's Sue's. She started this quilt in a class at the Vermont Quilt Show a few years ago. I can't recall the teacher but it was on mosaic quilts. Sue said most of the other students did theirs in batiks. This quilt is really dramatic in person. We told her to enter it into our Guild Show next year - it's a sure winner.

Here's Barb's little four-patch log cabins. I'll post a better shot when she's totally done. She's been trading these little log cabin blocks with Jill Reid for awhile now. The quilt has a great set - see how its woven. And I love the backing she's picked - it's like old newsprint in green.

I've got several more to show in my next post. Stay tuned.



Janet said...

Thanks for sharing these great quilts. I just love the log cabin, you'll have to give us a closer look so we can see the fabrics. Gorgeous!

Crispy said...

Wow what a talented group you belong to, those quilts are beautiful!!


PS - Your red and white applique quilt is a real stunner!! You will be walking away with a blue ribbon if not best in show IMHO.

Kathie said...

Wow Sues quilt is amazing, yes she has to finish it and enter it into the show, I would love to see that one!
Love log cabin quilts :)
yes please let us see a closer view would love to see the fabric choices!
they both have incredible fabric collections!