Friday, June 12, 2009

State Quilt Show

The New Jersey State Guild Quilt Show started yesterday. My friend Jill Reid won a 2nd place for her Hex Vex - Yes We Can Obama quilt. I think it deserved a first.

I received an honorable mention for my red and white applique quilt - the competition was tough. But, as my friend Susan pointed out, it was nice of them to match the ribbon to my quilt.

My friends and I met up at lunchtime to compare notes. The show was poorly attended - and unless it picked up today and tomorrow we doubt there'll be a show next year. Someone else said that the Lancaster Show has been discontinued. It's depressing.

I took a bunch of pictures of quilts I liked. This one by Susan Shure took 2nd place applique.

They had an exhibit of quilts done by the Brownstone quilt guild for their 25th anniversary. Quilts had to include 25 items. Here's Barb's quilt - Little Pink Houses.

And here's another I especially liked by Maureen (I can't read the last name).

Here's Therese standing in front of one of her favorites. We love Our Lady of Guadeloupe.

I'll post more over the next few days.



Crispy said...

Gosh that's too bad that the show was so poorly attended. I know that every show in ND does very well, even the ones in very small towns.


Emmie said...

I think it deserved first too. I love it how his head is on the fabric.

kitch240 said...

great post, mary!
Your Red & White deserved a higher ribbon - and Jill's quilt is one of my favorite all time quilts.

Looking forward to more pictures and comments.

monica said...

isn't it a shame when that happens? quilting shows are so inspiring... they should take schools there, it's an art that is so important on so many levels..

And your quilt is gorgeous!

Esteemarlu said...

OMG your applique quilt is beautiful and it really needs a blue ribbon. I love the white against the red background.

Karen said...

I must say that the red & white quilt is spectacular!