Monday, September 7, 2009

And so it goes

It's hard to believe it's been 2 months since I posted my last entry. So much has happened. Here I am in Indiana. In early July, my hubby was offered a transfer from New Jersey to Indiana and because school starts so much earlier here, 8/17 vs 9/2, we had to hustle and get out here lickity split. So I've spent every minute since July somehow involved with moving - either getting us out here or being too depressed to think about getting us out here. But here we are. And Indiana is a nice place. Lots of great quilt shops and yarn shop - I think I'll like it.

Now while all this non posting was going on, my friend Barb came up with a great idea. She suggested we do a blog together. This is really a great idea since she is much more talented, creative, and diligent than I am. And the blog will be much better for it.

So we came up with a new name - Fun with Barb and Mary

I'll keep my old blog up but all my new posts will be over at funwithbarbandmary - please visit.


Kathie said...

Been thinking about you and how your doing after the past few crazy months!
Hope your new home will have a wonderful sewing room like you had here. Glad your finding lots of wonderful quilt shops and yarn stores/
Look forward to your new blog, surprised Barb is willing to blog again!

Crispy said...

I'll get you added right now :0)


Crispy said...

Mary, there isn't a "Post Comment" line to click, on the new blog.


Anne said...

Hey Mary... I missed you at the yarn shop yesterday. I was hoping you'd stop in. Plan to come in next Tuesday and sit & knit. I want to make sure you are very happy here in Indiana.